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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

So you’re interested in learning more about your real estate investing options and want to get your first property but this is all new to you and you’re not sure about all of this and want to know more. No problem, I was exactly in the same spot not too long ago but am now a full time investor helping many people achieve financial independence and I want to help you become completely financially independent as well. So lets go through this step by step. Now, how does it all work? Well it’s simpler than you might have though. Let’s get started.

What Is Investmenfy?

Before we get started I think it’s very important for you to know who we are and why we do what we do. Investmentfy was created by me and my business partner to solve one not so simple problem. When we started out investing in real estate, we wanted to get rental properties and couldn’t find any reliable companies that would simply let us buy a rental properties and collect the rental income from them. Just like investing in the stock market, you invest and don’t have to do anything, your stock broker does everything for you, we wanted something like that but for rental properties. The companies we did find turned out to be lets just say “not so good”. So we had to put in all the work ourselves and learn from scratch how to find, repair, rent and maintain rental properties. It took us a long time, we lost a lot of money but after lots of trial and error and having a great mentor we finally got the formula. We started to follow the process and soon had many properties. When our friends heard of this they wanted to invest also. So we helped them and then they referred their friends. So we decided to go big and reach people who may not have friends in the real estate industry. Our mission is to make as many people as possible financially independent through real estate. We want anyone, be it a professional investor or a simple person to be able to invest in real estate just like they would invest in stock market, invest, forget about it, and get income every month by doing nothing. Or by doing something, like vacationing in Miami.

Why Real Estate

Investing in rental properties is one of the fastest ways to become financially independent with least amount of money and least amount of risk. In fact 90% of the millionaires in the world became millionaires through real estate. The biggest advantage real estate has over other forms of investing is that real estate is tangible, it’s value is real not digital and it’s very unlikely a property becomes obsolete like stocks or bonds when default or bankruptcy occurs. Real estate historically had higher returns that many other forms of investment and is one of the most stable assets one can own. According to the US Census Bureau trends in the U.S. economy indicate that many more people are choosing to rent a property instead of buying one. People will always need to rent a house whether in good times or bad that’s one of the reasons rental properties will be in demand regardless of economic condition. Rental properties can return over 12% a year, much higher than savings accounts or bonds and are much less volatile than stocks than can have major price swings and lose money. Here at Investmentfy we strive to achieve returns of over 12% a year for our investors and so far we have been successful in hitting those targets.

What We Do

Here at Investmentfy we love to keep things simple, so here is what we do in four simple steps.

Financial Independence

So how do you become completely financially independent? It's pretty straight forward and simple here is how it works. Step 1: You get your first property. Now you have some passive income coming in your on your way to financial independence but you're not yet there you need few more properties. Step 2: Once you own one property you can usually refinance and get a home equity loan or a HELOC (home equity line of credit) after you own certain amount of equity in a property. A home equity loan or a HELOC is when a bank gives you a loan equal to usually 70 - 80 percent of the amount of equity you own in your house while taking the house as a collateral. You can then use the loan to get a second property which will bring in more rental income. Step 3: Repeat the process. Step 4: Financial independence achieved. Earning $4,000 in extra income every month without raising a finger is pretty good, that's equal to what a good job paying job pays every month . Step 5: You don't have to stop here you can repeat this process as much as you would like and earn even more, there is no limit.

Why Investmentfy

When we started Investmentfy our goal was to offer a service that brings more value to our clients that anyone else can offer them. We don't just have in mind the price but also simplicity, customer service, follow ups and service above and beyond what we are required to do. We believe in not just getting a sale but building and maintaining a great relationship with all our clients. Reputation to us is much more important to us than sales. That's one of the reasons we have an incredible amount of referrals because our clients know we got their back. Properties on Investmentfy are among the best in terms of price affordability and return on investment. Below are some examples of returns from Investmentfy properties vs others.

Now that you know how it works lets get started.

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