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Investing in rental properties is one of the most stable and simple way to generate income and wealth in a short period of time, even for someone that earns an average salary. However, investing in rental properties can be complicated. That’s why most people never invest in rental properties but instead invest in other financial assets such as stocks, bonds, 401k and others assets that will barely generate any cash flow or significant wealth. Investmentfy was created to make investing in rental properties easy, transparent, quick and profitable. We take care of all the hard stuff for you. All that’s left for you to do is purchase a property and receive income from your properties every month .

Investing in rental properties is becoming more common because people are starting to realize the benefits of such investments. First of all, rental properties can bring in as much as 16% return on investment each year. That’s about 17 times more than investing in savings account. The rental market in the U.S. is also increasing due to lower home ownership trend. One of the greatest things about the rental market is that people will always need to live somewhere. That’s why the rental market is not affected by economic recessions. Rental properties will always be in demand whether during good economic times or bad economic times. There are also tax benefits to investing in real estate. 

Most people never invested in rental properties because it’s not easy. The rental property market was also closed off to most people because the prices of houses were so high that an average person couldn’t afford to buy a rental property. However, after the 2008 recession, many people defaulted on their mortgages and the banks took over those foreclosed properties and now have a massive supply of properties. The banks are trying to get rid off for much lower price than the property is worth to reduce their costs creating a rare opportunity to purchase properties at discount and rent them out. We realized this opportunity few years ago and decided to seize upon it. When we told people that we invest in rental properties they asked us to buy rental properties for them. After helping many people get their first rental property we started to get great feedback and referrals to more people who wanted to buy rental properties that’s when we realized that anyone can invest in rental properties and have great cash flow from these properties. We then decided to open Investmentfy to simplify the process of investing in rental properties for anyone and everyone. We take care of everything for you all you do is get your rental check by mail. 

Properties on Investmentfy can range anywhere from $20,000 – $100,000 depending on the location, rent, square footage and much more. Most properties bring return of 12% a year.

All the tenants for our properties are fully vetted to make sure they’re reliable. We take many criteria into account to make sure there will be no problems down the road. 

We renovate each property to optimal condition to make sure that future repairs won’t be necessary. 

All Investmentfy properties are managed by either our own team or our qualified managers. Management companies usually take 10% of monthly rent to manage a property. However, to create better customer experience and keep the costs down for our customers all Investmentfy properties are only $50 a month to manage for single-family properties or $50 a unit for multi-family properties for a full year. All repairs (if necessary), collecting rent and other issues are taken care for you so even if you live far away you don’t have to worry about visiting the property if problems arise.