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How To Watch VR Videos On Investmentfy

There are three methods to watch VR videos, this tutorial will teach you how to watch 360 VR Videos on Investmentfy.com. 

Method One: Using Google Chrome Browser On Computer

Use the arrows on the left side of the video (as shown in the image) to turn around in all direction or drag your mouse on the video to turn. NOTE: This only works with Google Chrome Browser.

Method Two: Using YouTube App On Smartphone

Click on the YouTube logo on the video to open the video in the YouTube App. Once the video starts playing move your smartphone in different directions to view the video from different angles.

Method Three: Using VR Headset

Get a VR Headset such as Google Cardboard, open the YouTube video in the YouTube App and press on the Google Cardboard icon shown in the picture below (or to the right if you’re using a desktop to view this page). Once you press on the icon you should see a split screen of the YouTube video. Insert the smartphone into the Google Cardboard and you can now view the video in real VR mode.